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Pete's Foreign Auto Repair can help you with all your mechanical and electrical concerns from a simple oil change to a complicated system rebuilding.

Scheduled Maintenance

The occasional "tune-up" is a thing of the past. Today's autos have complex electronically controlled fuel, ignition, and emissions control systems and they rely on service at regular intervals, generally every 30,000 miles. Pete's can help you keep all these systems running properly to avoid engine damage and excess emissions. And don't worry, the fluids, spark plugs, and filters will still get replaced!

Whether manual or automatic, the transmission is a key part of translating your car's engine power to the driving wheels. The transmission fluid and filter must be changed at regular intervals to keep your drivetrain working properly. At Pete's our services run the full range from diagnosing computer control problems to a full rebuild or replacement of the transmission.

Your car's brakes are its most important safety system. We service both disc and drum systems and have the technology to service autos with computer controlled ABS.

Fuel Injection
Fuel injection systems get the fuel to your engine and are mechanically or computer controlled. To keep you car running smoothly and efficiently, these systems need to be both clean and properly calibrated. At Pete's we are experts in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged systems. Pete's staff is also specially trained in Bosch fuel injection systems.


The clutch connects your engine and manual transmission and should operate smoothly. Many times a poorly operating clutch needs to be replaced. We make sure that all parts of the operating system—hydraulics, seals, flywheel, etc.—are inspected and adjusted so that your get the best possible performance from your clutch

Air Conditioning
Even here in the Bay Area, we love our air conditioning! The system that provides cooling in your car is a complex interplay of valves, compressor, hoses, and other parts along with a refrigerant gas. At Pete's we have the special training needed to maintain and repair your air conditioning system. Most autos produced before 1993 use R12 refrigerant while newer models use R134A; we service both types and can even convert your older car to a R134A system.

The electrical system supports the operation of your car's engine and all its accessories. It includes the battery; starting, charging, and ignition systems; lights and accessories; and electronic devices. Pete enjoys the challenge of electrical diagnostics and his many years of experience in this area make it easy for him to identify and solve your car's electrical troubles.

Engine Rebuilding
Whether your car's engine is at the end of its useful life or has experienced premature failure, Pete's can rebuild the engine with new components, install a low mileage used engine, or install an exchange rebuild. Options and availability will be discussed so that you can make the best choice for your car.